He Just Thinks He’s Not That Into You

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Are you not one to take “I don’t want to date you” for an answer? Do you consider the day the court ordered you to keep your distance merely the day your relationship entered a new phase? Then you’ve already figured out that despite what other books may try to tell you: He Just Thinks He’s Not That Into You. This book is built on one solid principle: men don’t know what they want, so it’s up to you, the strong, loving, forceful women of the world, to show them. Written as a series of letters to an insanely-determined advice columnist, this book is full of savagely funny answers, plus useful tips and success stories on stalking and holding onto the one you love-with handcuffs if necessary. Pie charts, bullet points, and wacky illustrations complete the satire. Has the bag boy at the supermarket been telling you to “have a nice day”? Danielle says “he means ‘with me’! Grab that in-store special and take him home. Soon the grocery aisle won’t be the only aisle you’ll be walking down!”

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